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The Scanning & Origination Process
An essential step to producing exceptional prints

We focus on producing near perfect scans direct from a variety of originals. By using a professional, class-leading fully hardware colour calibrated flatbed scanner, we are able to achieve the best possible reproduction of your paintings, drawings, photographic transparencies and other artworks.

Each medium bears its own challenge, whether it's a watercolour, acrylic, oil painting, photograph or line drawing. We also have to consider how each artist uses those mediums as each type of work has its own particular characteristics. Furthermore, whilst the closest match to the original is often required, an artist may also consider that the print editions take on an identity of their own and the reproductive process introduces its own inherent challenge in making print editions which themselves become works.

With each new client, we like to discuss the artwork with the artists, to understand the nature of what is required from the print editions. Through knowledge and experience, Art4site Ltd can offer feedback and involve the artist throughout the Fine Art reprographic process.

Scanning or origination is the most crucial step in producing exceptional prints, a step which can be often overlooked. Each aspect of colour and tone has to be examined individually and as a whole. Through our experience we have an intimate understanding of highlight, shade, sharpness, chroma and hue, together with the colour management from original to scan, to screen and then finally to print.

Please note that some clients already have worked originated in a digital format, so no scanning is required, in this case, only proofs are necessary.

The next step is proofing.
additive colour
Originals and transparencies can be scanned at up to 5000 dpi using different lighting to accommodate enlargements for prints up to B0.
  The maximum size of 'reflective' original we can scan direct is roughly 30"x48".
  We also scan photographic transparencies to produce exceptional prints for professional photographers or artists who use photographic film.
  We typically scan for an inkjet output using the technically most optimum resolution of 360 dpi (300 dpi is adequate).
  Our scanner is fully calibrated using the latest colour profiling software. We also run a grey balance on a weekly basis to ensure that the scanner is at peak performance.
  We use custom hardware ICC profiles for all reflective scans to ensure colour fidelity.
  N.B. Copyright notice, Important: You must either own or have a license to reproduce the copyright of the artwork(s) in question. If you are the owner of original artwork(s) produced by someone else, this does not by itself mean that you own copyright or have a license to reproduce their work. If no rights apply, we will be unable to offer our services.  
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