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The Proofing Process
Setting up the Fine Art print editions

After scanning & origination, or if you already have your work in digital form, the next step is proofing. Initially, this is done on-screen using a colour calibrated monitor and is what's called 'soft proofing'. This provides a good reference to work with and initial edits to the scan / matrix can be made before hard copy output.

Should an artist wish to be involved, on-site, at the proofing stage, we welcome this. After all, the artist knows their own work the best and if they are involved in the reprographic process, we find that the final prints are even better.

Once one of our operators is satisfied with the on-screen representation, a hard copy is made onto the desired, previously selected paper(s). Usually a smaller section of the work is printed (and compared with the original) before printing a final print, as often several proofs are required before the best possible reproduction is achieved.

Art4site Ltd discusses the final proof with the artist, and together establish whether a further proof is required. The most common adjustments are with tone and hue. Often, because of our experience, only up to three proofs are required.

An understand of terminology, especially colour theory is helpful so that we can discuss the proof on common ground. As an artist you already understand colour and so speaking with an operate who is also trained can make this process very kindred.

Once set up, the print is titled and archived ready for printing.
subtractive colour
Artist's proofs are an essential part of setting up a Giclée print edition.
  Sometimes the printed proof is virtually indistinguishable from the original artwork if we do the scanning.
  Our setting up fee includes this process as standard and you will receive proofs of your original artwork.
  Once set up, all subsequent prints are an exact facsimile of the original proof and Art4site Ltd guarantees this consistent quality.
  If we are scanning from transparencies, we much prefer sight and reference to the original to produce an accurate colour match as the process can be more subjective.
  If we are not scanning or producing the origination of your work and you provide the digital file, such as photographs, proofing is also a necessary step in setting up the editions.  
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