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Digital Fine Art Papers
the Hahnemühle collection

We currently stock what we feel is the finest paper and canvas available for Giclée printing in terms of archival qualities, print fidelity and variety. The following papers offer a comprehensive choice including some wonderful new glossy papers for photo Giclée prints:–

William Turner, 310gsm
This paper is simply exceptional for watercolours, drawings and other work and is our most popular choice. It has a beautiful textured surface and is a Natural white, with 100% rag content. With a mean pH value of 7, it has excellent archival qualities.

Photo Rag, 308gsm
A much whiter, smoother surface lends particularly well to black and white and colour photographs, and has a 100% rag content. We have also found that oils or acrylic work reproduces brilliantly on this paper if the original painting is on board or canvas, because rather than offering a texture to the paper, its smooth white surface shows the mark making of the original painting.

German Etching, 310gsm
Similar in tone to William Turner, it has a slightly smoother surface, is equally acid free and also mould made. Very suitable for a variety of print editions including fine detailed work, black and white photography.

Museum Etching, 350gsm
This paper offers the luxurious texture of a traditional etching board and a natural white point, an ideal medium for images with soft tints or fine grey nuances as well as more saturated reproduction prints. The extra heavy grammage also increases its appeal.

Sugar Cane, 300gsm
An exciting new inkjet paper with 75% of its raw material derived from “bagasse” pulp, a by-product of raw sugar production. The 25% cotton portion is made from recycled paper waste. Displaying the fine texture of a pastel paper Sugar Cane lends every image an artistic look and feel with sustainable approach.

Bamboo, 290gsm
The world’s first digital fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibres. Bamboo represents spirituality, naturalness and resource-saving paper production. Particularly suitable for warm-toned colour and monochrome prints, Bamboo really highlights the sensuality of images.

FineArt Baryta, 325gsm
This paper sets a benchmark for high colour depth, wide gamut and image clarity. This paper offers photographers a "wow" factor particularly to black and white prints with an extremely high dmax and the finest grey tones, utilising a bright white. Using barium sulphate in the premium inkjet coating ensures the typical gloss that makes this paper a genuine replacement for traditional Baryta papers from analogue laboratories.

Photo Rag Baryta, 315gsm
Photo Rag Baryta uses the best combination of a luxury cotton paper and a traditional baryta board to produce a exceptional print. The very fine surface texture with the baryta gloss gives life to Photo Giclée and is a welcome addition to the range offering similar qualities to FineArt Baryta yet with a more natural tone.

Canvas Artist, 340gsm
This is a matt artists' cotton canvas with a high quality texture with a natural white tone. It can also be stretched and then varnished after printing which is a popular choice for digital canvas prints. Its coating gives a very good water resistance and print reproduction fidelity.
  All papers are available in sheetfet material in standard sizes of A4, A3, A3+ and A2.
  Roll material is also available in 17", 24", 36" and 44" widths to accommodate larger prints or where it's more efficient to print many prints on a roll.
  Hahnemühle Digital FineArt papers are most suitable for artists, photographers and galleries that demand the highest quality materials.
  We can provide small samples of any of the papers so that you can make an informed choice of substrate for your print editions.
  It's the combination of both the papers and inks that make a superior giclée print and at Art4site Ltd will have researched what we feel offers the best possible high-end results.  
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