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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most common queries regarding many aspects of our services as a giclée printer.
- What is a giclée print?
This is a type of high quality print that is made by a digital process, nowadays, using an inkjet printer with expanded-gamut. Essentially, the inks must be lightfast to a certain standard and the substrate should be at least 250gsm and acid-free. Pronounced [ zhee-clay ].
- What is the maximum size of original you can scan direct?
Typically about A1 (about 600mm x 840mm, 24" x 33"). However, the flatbed scanner that we use can also accommodate longer originals although the maximum scanning width is 600mm (24").
- What is your minimum order?
There isn't a minimum order for both setting up or printing. However, please bear in mind the economy advantages of setting up and printing multiple prints.
- Do you offer advice to artists / publishers about how to go about setting up a print edition?
We can offer all the technical advice and understanding of the constraints in setting up limited and other editions. We have a great deal of knowledge to share and as members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, we can also advise you of the benchmarks provided through our professional affiliation.
- What is the turnaround for print orders?
Typically we can print on demand for reasonable orders within a week. However, for larger orders and canvas stretching, a longer lead-time is given. If you have a specific deadline, it's best just to ask, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
- What courier do you use for deliveries?
We use Fastway for many parts of the country and also Initial Citylink. All orders are sent on a next day basis and are tracked online. Because the way we package the prints, we guarantee that they arrive in pristine condition.
- Do you print on canvas and offer a stretching / varnishing service?
We print on two different types of canvas. We also can supply canvases ready stretched using high quality kiln-dried pine stretcher bars or alternatively, for larger works, using tulipwood. Varnishing is included using giclée matt, semi-gloss or gloss coating.
- I'm making enquiries with a few giclée printers, why should I use Art4site?
With over eight years of experience in the field, we believe we are one of the foremost giclée printers in the country. But don't just take our word for it, our testimonials section shows just how happy our existing customers are with the service and they would recommend us to anyone. If you are just phoning around for the best price, this shouldn't be your only consideration as the quality of the materials used can vary. We use market leading equipment and substrates and for the quality offer exceptional value.
- How lightfast are the final prints?
This depends on how and where the prints are displayed and what substrate is being used. Every year we test our prints against the blue-wool scale as part of our membership of the Fine Art Trade Guild. From our laboratory reports, we can show you that our printing is archival up to a high standard accepted throughout the trade.
- I've already got scans of my work can you print them?
Yes, although we will advise you that since we have not been involved in the reprographic process, we cannot guarantee the results. The prints are only as good as the files you provide. Ideally the scans must be 300dpi and include an embedded ICC profile. We can provide proofs at the same cost as the printing price list.
- Do you need to see the original if scanning from a transparency?
This is an essential part of colour balancing the final print. Without sight of the original, it's very difficult to reproduce accurately the original painting. Often the quality of the photographic film, lighting conditions and photographic process makes scanning transparencies more prone to shifts in colour.
- Can you give me some costs / a quote?
Please refer to the prices section. However, if you have specific sizes of originals or requirements for your editions, we can calculate the most efficient way to reproduce your work. Often it's cheaper to print on roll fed material with several prints placed next to one another. If this is the case, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.
- May I have a copy of the scans on CD?
We can provide copies of the final scans on CD. Also, we can convert the scans into an appropriate format for both lithographic printing (if you are printing some brochures, for publicity as an example) or for use on a website. The destination of the scans is an important consideration for the format the matrix is saved in.
- I need the images for my website, can you email them to my designer?
We often have requested to email images for website and publicity use. Whilst we can do this for you, it may be better to hold these files yourself and use them as required which in the long run is more convenient and quicker for you.
- What are your payment terms?
We require payment by cheque made payable to 'Art4site' on completion of your first order. For larger first orders, we may also ask for a deposit. For subsequent orders, you may open a trade account and payment is due 30 days from the date of invoice that is also the date of delivery.
If a question is not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, our terminology section may also provide a knowledge base of terms which is helpful to understand digital Fine Art printing.
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